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Murtis Around Town (and Dana and Seva)

This evening I went for the first time into the Anderson House of the Society for the Cincinnati.  I was attending an event for supporters of Casey Trees, one of my favorite local charities, which is devoted to protecting and expanding DC’s tree canopy. 

I give because I believe it is an important part of a living practice (dana–charitable giving is a companion to seva–volunteer service).  Getting to discover this garden was an unexpected delight, but not the goal.



A Good Week for Sadhana

This morning, when I was reviewing in my head some of the meetings and other work matters upcoming this week, I thought, “what a good time to practice all the things I have been studying.”

It felt like progress to think that and then notice my first thought was not, “this week is going to be awful,” or even, “this week is going to be challenging,” instead of thinking the latter and reminding myself of the former.

And having a homemade popsicle after a long day certainly helps make this heat wave more enjoyable.


Lime, cucumber, mint popsicle (cucumber and mint from the garden)


Wonder Here at Home


I have been pining for a great adventure that would crack open my heart and remind me of the exalted.

A look at the sky as I did errands in the middle of my work day reminded me that all we need to find that ecstatic sense of awe is to be open to it right where we are.

The sadhana is to stay filled with awe as we do our work and chores, no matter how prosaic or stressful.  Easier said than done, but worth every bit of effort (tapas).


State of the Garden

One of the key teachings about yoga sadhana (practice) is that results best or sometimes only can possibly come with steady commitment for a long period of time.

The red maple in my front garden (really more of a giant tree box) was barely the height of the porch roof when I bought my house.  Now, almost 25 years later, it is as tall as the house.  And even more stunningly, blazingly, Kali-like red every fall.

red maple