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A Useful Book on Offering Workshops

A friend from dancing who I like and respect wrote what I found an inspiring book on improving workshop offerings, both for the person offering the workshop and those attending. I don’t offer yoga workshops any more, but from my studio teaching days and my wide range of acquaintance, I have lots of friends who do offer workshops or offer programs in the public interest, and I always like to check out what my friends are offering.  On reading it, I immediately saw its usefulness for the not-for-profit for which I am on the Board of Directors, as well as for friends who have great offerings, but may need a little help on how to get the value of their offerings known.

Here’s more info to check it out:  @Leslie Zucker’s new book called “Deliver Workshops That Bring in Clients: A How-To Guide for Coaches, Consultants and Entrepreneurs”. She’s offering the chapter on marketing your workshop for free.  You can get it here: or you can get it on Amazon!