Clear-Headed Buddha/Cloudy-Headed Buddha

I had a delightful chat with artist Quest Skinner out at Eastern Market today. I was quite attracted to the clear-headed Buddha and called it that. Quest held up the cloudy-headed Buddha and relayed a story of having given a friend from Burning Man one with a clear head and one that was clouded. I took the two together and asked Quest, who had said to another customer that though out of cards would make one, to make me a card. This is what it says:


Found Mandala (Outside the Train Depot)

I am aware that jet fuel and car gasoline from my travels is something I should consider every time I go. I try to travel by train when I can, or by bus, but I also consider my need to get out of my current environment, to connect with people and places and language that are not that to which I’m habituated, especially in these divisive times.

I hired a shared car to take me from the airport to Taos and then from Taos to Santa Fe–having no other choice than but renting a car for myself to get to the location of the retreat, but took the train from Santa Fe to Albuquerque on my way back home. It was convenient and a pleasant ride.



This morning, on my last full day of vacation, on my way to leave my bags in the office of the bed and breakfast where I was staying before I walked about in Santa Fe for the day, I walked back through the breakfast room, where I had eaten an hour before.

To my happy surprise, good friends from home (a former co-worker and his wife, whom I’d just been thinking about because I knew how much they like New Mexico) were there finishing their meal.

We spent much of the day together, until I had to leave to catch the train to Albuquerque to be ready for tomorrow’s early morning flight back home.

It felt a perfect completion of a trip made to study yoga and be in community for the week.