Hare Om Ganesha

A friend wrote an email to me this morning that in a recent office move, the plaster ganesha he’s had on his wall broke.  Not to worry, though, he had been given another one to sit on his computer.  Ganesha, though sometimes hailed as the remover of obstacles, does not so much remove them as help us navigate through life so that the inevitable challenges and hurdles will feel less like insurmountable obstacles and more like opportunities to move in new directions.

It seemed almost everywhere I turned in India, I bumped into another image of Ganesha.  He’s a powerful one.  I did not attempt to photograph them all, and these are not all the photographs.  One of them is not ganesha–sometimes an elephant is just an elephant, even in a sculpture devoted to the gods.

If you are enjoying one of these images in particular, click on it so that you get to it at the largest size  and then right-click to make it your wallpaper or background.  Enjoy!


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