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A Glimpse

On the way to Madhuban, we caught a rare glimpse of Trishula and Nanda Devi. It is usually too misty to see them from where we were staying, and they were not visible when we were on the drive back to Delhi.

In a few hours, I head to the airport for the long ride home, having bathed in the beauty of music and mountains, with, I hope, fresh perspective for the work ahead.


Ephemera Around Town

This morning I saw a pretty feather on the sidewalk while I was walking to work past the Senate office buildings.

I squatted to take a close up photo, but a breeze sent it flying before I could snap the shutter.  I went after it, replaced it in a sunny patch for best light, and then tried again.

While I was still low to the ground with my camera phone out, a police officer on a bicycle came up to me and said that it was a pretty feather; I could have it if I wanted.

I said I would leave it there for someone else to enjoy. Taking and sharing the photo on my yoga blog would be enough. We agreed that it looked like a robin may have encountered a hawk.

The officer smiled and continued down the sidewalk on bicycle patrol. I resumed my walk to work. 

I wondered whether the interaction would have been so pleasant if I hadn’t been a decently dressed (i.e, evidently middle class), small, middle-aged, white woman.