Community and Family

thoughts on how we fit into the web of community, family and society


The philosophy and religion professors with whom I have studied yoga philosophy have emphasized that we need both theoretical study and experiential practice to develop understanding. In that light, here’s the reading line-up (though currently I am slowly making my way through Harry Potter y el c├íliz de fuego.

Anyone who wants to or has read anything in this list and is interested in discussing, please let me know.


Clear-Headed Buddha/Cloudy-Headed Buddha

I had a delightful chat with artist Quest Skinner out at Eastern Market today. I was quite attracted to the clear-headed Buddha and called it that. Quest held up the cloudy-headed Buddha and relayed a story of having given a friend from Burning Man one with a clear head and one that was clouded. I took the two together and asked Quest, who had said to another customer that though out of cards would make one, to make me a card. This is what it says: