Community and Family

thoughts on how we fit into the web of community, family and society

Asteya and Juneteenth

Asteya in Sanskrit means non-stealing and is the third yama of the yamas and niyamas set forth in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras as a critical part of the path of yoga. White people giving themselves a holiday created by Black people… (READ MORE)


A Meditation on Patience

When I decided to make strawberry towers part of the new sleeping porch garden extension, Niraj Ray of Cultivate the City told me to remove all of the flowers until mid-May to allow the plants to develop leaves large enough… (READ MORE)


State of the Garden

Last week I went across town by bus to renew my expired drivers license and replace it with the real ID version. On the way home I visited a friend from work whom I haven’t seen in person since before… (READ MORE)