Community and Family

thoughts on how we fit into the web of community, family and society


I formally took leave today.

First, I went to a dance practice led by Margot Greenlee (BodyWise Dance), which was a lab for exploring techniques to enable those of a wide range of mental and physical capacities to express themselves through movement. Very inspiring.

In between dancing and going to the Phillips Collection to see The Warmth of Other Suns: Stories of Global Displacement exhibit, I paused on the grounds of the Capitol and gave witness to the climate strikers.

I meditated on the bus.


State of the Garden (and Choosing Where to Focus Your Attention)

You wouldn’t know, from seeing Maitri enjoying the shade while the sun shines brightly on the curtain of beans and soon to come next wave of cherry tomatoes, what an extremely agitating work day I was having that started too early and was not as productive as I think would have been desirable.

Work day done, I prefer to remember the moments with Maitri and out in the garden.