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Signs Around Town (and Thoughts on Sadhana)

Although incorporation of practice (and the mindset of making everything a dedicated practice) ideally becomes routine, actually practicing should be a never routine, freshly curious, heartfelt engagement. In that regard, I try not to get inured to seeing the signs in the neighborhood.


New Weekly Offering: Friday Evening House Practice

Fridays 1/4-3/7 all levels practice.

RSVP’s very helpful to make sure there’s room for you and that we listen for your arrival (door stays locked).
Doors will open at 6 for visiting and connecting (including those who may be on the challenges of embodiment list and want the yoga vibe, but are not sure about participating in group practice).
Please show up by 6:30 to make sure we hear you knocking; structured practice will start no later than 6:45 and run until 7:45.
Expect centering (meditation, breath work); slow alignment-based flow (with alternatives for whatever shape you’ve arrived in), balance work, functional movement practices, dance and playful movement incorporated for lightness and perspective when it suits, with savanna and closing.