Thanks Giving

It’s almost time for Wednesday evening house yoga practice, and I still have my work computer on and open to a couple of documents that I need to review by Monday morning.

I try a practice from the non-violent communication course I have been taking:  Since I cannot change the work situation in the short term, I am choosing to think about what needs are being met by my feeling compelled to work by the enormity of upcoming deadlines instead of getting to enjoy the two hours of administrative leave granted in honor of Thanksgiving.

I come up with this tentative list:  it is good to feel needed, to be engaged, to experience a sense of competence and responsibility.  As I am working from home, I get peaceful quiet and solitude while still feeling connected through the work.  This does not mean that I don’t want or shouldn’t take action to change my work situation to better meet other needs, or even these needs better.

I am truly grateful that I am being brought to my yoga mat for an hour and a half tonight and that I’m looking forward to a weekend of friends and food and walks (and more work).

I wish you all the best holiday possible.  May you experience gratitude.

Look forward to a longer newsletter and a new look to the website in coming weeks.


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