What My New Smart Phone Is Teaching Me About Yoga

I spent nearly three hours talking with tech support just to get the phone authorized.  And once that was accomplished, the guy helping me also was unable to figure out how to transfer my contacts from the old phone to the new.  Last night, on the second full day, I opened every item in settings just to learn about this piece of technology and found another way to transfer contacts than tech support had tried.  Hooray!  I didn’t have to enter them manually one by one.

So it’s like this:  no matter how brilliant a system, if I didnt learn how to use it, I wasn’t going to get any benefits.  The more I studied and practiced, the more I would be able to use it in a way that enhanced my daily life.  Although a teacher is necessary, it takes our own thorough, steady, and attentive practice to empower ourselves and expand our limits.

I had thoroughly resigned myself to typing.  Now I will have more time to figure out how to resize photos.  That may feel less urgent.  It’s busy at work, and the garden, yoga mat, meditation cushion, library, and beautiful weather call me to them.



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