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Jupiter and Venus at Dawn

It’s a lovely meditation on perspective–seeing two planets so far apart seem so close to each other and also so much closer to us than usual.

I think some of the sense of surprise is because most of our two-dimensional depictions for explaining the planets show Earth between Venus (the near planet allegorically associated with love and connection) and distant Jupiter (the weighty one, the guru planet).

How could I be facing, the two together, as if they are far closer to each other than each to me, and nothing else visible but clouds at the eastern horizon and a setting half moon to the west?

Ganesha’s Vahana

I don’t have much family, and I know little about the family I have. I am the one living with this photograph (the only one I’ve seen) of my maternal great grandmother because we are the only two with frizzy hair. The story I heard about her was that she gave birth to my grandmother en route from Eastern Europe and carried her across the ocean to the lower East Side.

This Ganesha makes me think about that level of determination –what we can do when we figure out how to turn a rat into a ride.