Yoga is Skill in Action (R.I.P. Prince)

The texts say that yoga is skill in action.  To me, this means learning how to most efficaciously engage in life as it comes, practicing and developing the technique to meet our challenges such that we can transform them into art.  I was led, by the new of Prince’s death to watch some videos of his performances.

Prince’s performance at the 2007 Superbowl (which, I of course, did not see when it was first aired) I think is an exemplary demonstration “skill in action.”  From my only know him through video and sound recording and some news articles over the years, think he lived what a yogi would call his dharma, he practiced steadily, and he transformed his experience of both adversity and joy in equal measure into his art.  It is receiving a teaching to be able to witness such an artist.


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