A Really Interesting List of Books

Several months ago, I started rereading books that I believed had contributed deeply to what I believe, how I think, how I write, what are my political views, and how I relate to other people, work, and the world in general. Part of my intention, which is still evolving along with my reading, was to explore how I got involved in yoga and how I could have become involved in a yoga community that imploded so explosively.  The reading project is giving much opportunity for deep contemplation.

In honor of Jack Keroac’s birthday, the Library of Congress posted on Facebook, this list of 100 books that shaped America.  I’m not sure I could get my list down to a 100 books and lots on my list are by non-American authors, but this list certainly resonates–especially the 1950-2000 section.  And yes, On the Road is on my personal list and certainly is part of my road to yoga, along with other writings by the Beats.

How many of these have you read?  How many of these have you read recently.  How do you think your childhood and young adult reading influenced the way you practice and think about yoga?


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