Asta Vakrasana Variation

I was working with photos today and came across this shot a friend took a little over a year ago.  Long gone is the memory of exactly why I did not stay fully in the pose.  Perhaps this was the beginning, and I was planning to plant my hand, lift my shoulder and hug my shoulder blades onto my back, and then do enough inner spiral and kidney loop to float off the ground.  Possible, as I have been known to get into asta vakrasana going from the ground up.  More likely, my exit strategy of the moment was releasing all the way to the floor.  What I like about this picture is that it shows me having a really good time, not me being a failure for not being perfectly in the pose.  Though it is always worth striving for the best we can do, for most things in life, the best we can do is try for the full pose and then find the joy and the beauty when we don’t end up embodying our notion of what should have been.


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  1. Tammy Sullivan

    I love seeing the joy on your face, all the while your toes are still “Anusara toes” and your finger pads are engaged. However, you are so enjoying the journey, not just the destination! Bravo! No wins or losses, no perfection or failure,even when we are seriously working our asanas…


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