It Was a Night to Stay In, But I Needed to Go Out

It was not the kind of night to go across town to run an errand, but it was one that could not wait until after I cam back from vacation (picking up my passport from the company that processes visas for India).  I did not really feel the need to go shopping in Georgetown and would have rather gone straight home, but the rain was getting heavier and heavier and traffic was abominable.  A taxi would have been a pointless exercise in watching the meter while we barely moved.

So I checked out “Fashion’s Night Out” in the stores near the bus stop.  I had a great time visiting with the DC Roller Girls, who were at the Lush store in Georgetown.   When the sales people start describing the products to me–they are always very enthusiastic–I often find myself telling them that I know what I need to know about Lush;  I first shopped at Lush when it was a single store in Covent Garden.

When it was evident that the rain was not going to let up, and I’d had enough of window shopping from inside, I caught the Circulator bus and enjoyed myself taking photographs.   When there is little choice about going out in the rain, it is best, as my teachers remind me and the practices inspire me,  to find the beauty and the delight.




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