Peace and Reactions to 9/11

Much of the reason that I began attending Friends meeting again several years ago after a long hiatus was to help me find peace within myself as I witnessed and sought to change, in my own way with my own skills, this country’s impulse to war following the attacks on 9/11.  As quiet and unlistened to as voices for peace might have been, I still needed to be among a community of people speaking about peace.

One of the questions Friends Meeting of Washington invites attenders to consider, which has become a core contemplation for me, is “what do you do personally to eliminate the causes of war?”  For me, this extends not just to how I vote, what work I do, and what charities I support, but what I eat, what energy I consume, what media I read and support, what I wear, and how I interrelate in this complicated global web of consumption and interchange.

Here is a letter from the American Friends Service Committee that I wanted to share with all of you.


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