White Heat

By 8:30 this morning, the sky was already an engorged white, thick with heat and humidity. There is no prospect of a thunderstorm for relief. If any come, they will be to the south and east or north and west of the space inside the Beltway. (I am convinced that the pattern of storms parting and dissipating within the Beltway is due to the hot air generated within the Dome).

I walked to work earlier than usual this morning and wore a sleeveless dress, sandals, and a sun hat. The co-worker who shared the elevator was wearing a suit, tie, dark socks, and heavy shoes. A few of the men are brave enough to wear short sleeves or go without the tie, but all are wearing long pants, close-toed shoes, and dark socks. In the cafeteria, people are picking out foods heavy with meat, fat, and sugar. The building is air-conditioned to a temperature for the comfort of those who neither dress nor eat for the weather. In the building, I am wearing a wool cardigan over my weather appropriate dress.

Last year, in response to a call to government workers from the White House for ideas to save money, I suggested that the dress code be changed from “business” attire to seasonally appropriate attire (my sleeveless dress is long and plain and does not expose anything other than my arms; it is perfectly “appropriate” and not beach wear). That way, the temperature in government buildings could be raised a few degrees in summer and lowered in winter, saving millions of dollars in heating and cooling expenses, as well as helping the environment.

It needs to be a policy to wear clothing right for the weather. If it is not policy, those who want to get ahead will continue to believe that there is no possibility of succeeding without wearing the suit and tie/lined skirt and jacket, pantyhose and heels. (Why is it that people believe that our brains focus better when our clothing is uncomfortable?)

I did not get a response. The winner was someone who suggested storing their office’s records electronically–something that is gradually happening every where in any event.

Being seasonally appropriate in our dress and diet can make an enormous difference in our comfort and in our impact on the environment. Same, too, for how we exercise. When it is over 90F, please do not crank up the air conditioning so that you can do a fiery practice. Instead, practice quieter poses. Concentrate on seated poses, cooling pranayama practices, and meditation. Enjoy the invitation to stillness and the fact that by virtue of the heat, you are already warmed up.

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  1. Jane Jackson

    Meanwhile, according to the Seattle Times, the temperature here in Seattle has been 80 degrees or more for a total of 78 minutes this entire summer. This is not normal and very hard on the berries and fruits that are trying to ripen before fall. Not so much fun for the residents,either, as they really look forward to their sunny summers as a balance to the clouds and wet that happen during the rest of the year.

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