Community and Family

thoughts on how we fit into the web of community, family and society

Found Quotations

4th Floor Galleries, National Museum of African American History and Culture–the weather having been forecast to be unpleasant for walking about, I got a same day ticket for late afternoon by getting on line a little after 7am.  


Om Mani Pedme Hung

On my way home from work, I heard the sounds of a crowd at the Capitol.  I joined in to listen (Elizabeth Warren spoke shortly after I arrived) and chanted with my fellow citizens–the chant not “om mani pedme hung” nor “om mane padme hum,” but on this particular night, with this particular crowd, addressing this particular issue, “one more vote.”

Being out here over and over again regardless of hope of the immediate outcome being effectively influenced is a variation on tapas, on sadhana, on seva, on faith put into practice.

It seems that this monk and I are being drawn to the same places this week, though I am guessing our days are pretty different.


Statues Around Town (and a Quote, Too)

Around the base of this statue, it says this as one walks clockwise from the front right. And when done circumnavigating, and facing the same direction in the direction the statue of Mary McLeod Bethune, one can see down East Capitol Street to the Capitol Dome:

“I leave you love. I leave you hope. I leave you the challenge of developing confidence in one another. I leave you a thirst for education. I leave you a respect for the use of power. I leave you faith. I leave you racial dignity. I also leave you a desire to live harmoniously with your fellow man. I leave you finally a responsibility to our young people.”