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Late Summer Newsletter–Web Version (Earthquakes, Hurricanes, and the Three A’s)

Dear Friends, After a summer of drought, we just experienced inside the Beltway the power when the earth shudders and shakes in an east coast earthquake of unusual magnitude.  Now, less than a week after the earthquake, I take appropriate… (READ MORE)


June William Penn House Classes Back on Location (Web Version of E-Notice)

Dear Friends, My apologies for any potential confusion.  William Penn House IS able to accommodate Tuesday night yoga classes in June and the conference people.  Please disregard previous notice, or, in the immortal words of Gilda Radnor, “never mind.” Hope… (READ MORE)


September News (web copy of newsletter)

Dear Friends, A cool breeze is blowing through my window as I write, giving a foretaste of glorious fall weather to come. Although already fully immersed in the throes of work after last week’s study trip to Oregon with John… (READ MORE)