Little Things

I am not missing getting a mani-pedi. Never did manicures. Stopped polishing my toenails right before I went to India in 2017 because it was one of the things that I was holding onto that I could let go of that was bad for the environment. I’d been painting my toenails for long enough that it took several months before they looked clear.

I’m glad I don’t miss painted toenails. I would have, however, preferred to see my hairdresser of 36 years, rather than have snipped at the back of my hair myself this afternoon.

Did you practice any yoga today? Did you find yourself raging or grieving over the cruelty, injustice, ignorance, and selfishness in this country? Did you appreciate something in your life? Did you speak out and/or give money or time? For me, that’s pretty much been a daily “yes” to all those questions for years.


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