Yoga Slow Dance (Making It All Improv)

The dance of yoga is about motion in stillness and stillness in motion, and in not letting oneself be frozen.  Stillness is the space between vibrations, instead of the shutting down or closing off vibration.  To experience the space between the vibrations (spanda) when changing shapes (poses; going from one thing to the next), one must emerge into the shape and disssolve out of it, with the expanding delight of the coming and going more important than achieving some precise, required shape to demonstrate self-control and mastery (not unlike the teaching in the Siva Sutra that knowledge both binds and liberates).


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  1. Daniel

    My yoga has transitioned into a very slow dance. Rather than formalized yoga now, it is intuitive and flows from within. It feels like sacred dance, Prana empowering me. I searched “yoga slow dance” and found your page. Your description of “motion in stillness…” is how I feel it, too. Stillness, gravity, a floor to stand on for leverage, and a dynamic energy can arise. NAMASTE // Hansananda yogi da

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