Householder Yoga (and Getting Out to Vote)

To be a tantrica does not mean wild and indifferent  sensual indulgence.  On the contrary, it means fully engaging in all of life.  A tantric life is one in which everything one does–work, family, relationship, consumption, citizenship–is steadily and progressively more informed by the teachings of yoga and infused with the fruits of the practices.  A key aspect of participating fully in the life of a householder in a democracy is to educate oneself about politics and to participate.  Please vote.  Here’s a short video from the ACLU that you might want to watch and pass along to your friends and family.


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  1. Eric Ryan

    Important points, beautifully stated.
    There is a way in which voting is an important aspect of mindfulness, discernment and of non-violently seeking a shift or even transformation in our environment, our collective consciousness and ourselves.
    Pretty much the very essence of Tantra .

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