Magic Carpet?

Do you ever stop to wonder about the ubiquitous, wildly patterned expanses of carpets at the big chain hotels?

What might be the reasons for such carpets?
1. The carpet designers all ingested some kind of substance that gave them visions?
2. Patterns hide the dirt better than solids?
3. The interior designer wanted to make sure that the hotel carpet could not possibly be like one you would have at home–thus giving some fantastical notion of the exotic?
4. The hotel wanted to make sure that if your eyes glazed over during some conference that the swirling of the patterns could draw you into some entrancing meditative state that you would associate with visiting the hotel?

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  1. Jane Jackson

    I do regularly wonder about those carpets. Also about the chandeliers in the “ballrooms”.

  2. Comrade Kevin

    I think I’d be too disgusted with the carpet to manage any sort of meditative response.

    Or, as Oscar Wilde put it, on his deathbed: “The wallpaper and I are fighting a duel to the death. One of us has got to go.”

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