Just as I Was About to Get Ready

to pack up my things and leave work to go to yoga class, a co-worker stopped by my office to talk.  She started by asking me how I was, but I knew that was just an introduction because it was evident she needed some comfort.  It turned out that she had a bad fall off of her bicycle on her way to work late last week and had gotten beaten up something fierce by the way she fell.   One of the things I most respect about my co-worker is that she is someone who always looks for the good in situations and in others.  I found myself giving her permission to be sad and frustrated and angry, which she appreciated.  Just because things could have been worse did not diminish that she was suffering.  I think that is important for all of us to remember.  When we have compassion for ourselves and allow ourselves to react, it is then we can also find the good for ourselves and have compassion for others.

I did not go to class last night.  It was more important to listen to my friend.  But I had a good yoga lesson by allowing my friend in and a good practice when I got home.


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  1. Tammy Sullivan

    E,YOU have so many beautiful qualities. Allowing someone the permission just to be in their feelings, as raw as they are is such a rare gift. I know you made your friend feel completely safe, and understood. I have many touching memories of times I have shared with you, but one of my most precious ones, is when you and I were sitting on the bench in the atrium of the studio. I didn’t know that I was going to have a meltdown, but you made it safe to let me just cry uncontrollably in your lap. You are genuine, compassionate & I love you. I always want for you to see the most elegant, beautiful, divine qualities in yourself that I see in you! With much respect and honor, T

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