Practice, contemplation, and insights

“In, Back, and Apart”

As I was preparing my week’s classes, I was led to contemplate the off-the-mat import of the words — “in, back, and apart” — used to describe the actions that activate the Anusara alignment principle “inner spiral,” which is also… (READ MORE)


After the Exhileration, Work

We all (or at least most of those who would be reading this blog) have heard the Buddhist-inspired saying:  before enlightenment, the laundry.  After enlightenment, the laundry.  The question is whether after the moments of enlightenment can we infuse doing… (READ MORE)


Happy New Year–Breaking Open (web version of e-newsletter)

Dear Friends, Midnight of the new year found me sitting in a hotel room near the Chidambaram temple at festival time engaged in intense conversation while listening to wild music and chanting and the cracks and explosions of fire crackers. … (READ MORE)


Signs Around Town (and More Thoughts on the Dangers of Yoga)

These stickers have been around town for awhile; I first noticed them during one of the big marches. I assume that it is meant to be ironic. The idea of fighting for non-violence, though, certainly highlights the degeneration of much… (READ MORE)