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Clear-Headed Buddha/Cloudy-Headed Buddha

I had a delightful chat with artist Quest Skinner out at Eastern Market today. I was quite attracted to the clear-headed Buddha and called it that. Quest held up the cloudy-headed Buddha and relayed a story of having given a… (READ MORE)


Day After Walk About

Capitol Hill Neighborhood, Eastern Market, House Office Buildings, US Botanical Garden, Barbara Kruger at the Hirshhorn, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Washington Monument, Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial (Sculpture of Eleanor Roosevelt), Vietnam Memorial, Street Art on George Washington University Campus,… (READ MORE)


Found Exhortation?

Honor your ancestors–both of blood and of teaching lineage (parampara). Yes, it is a critical element of the yoga practice, regardless of whether one practices in the guru tradition (I do not–more on that in coming weeks, I think). Peace… (READ MORE)