Shiva, Brahma, Vishnu (and the health care act)

In Hindu philosophy, the powers of creation (Brahma), sustaining or preserving (Vishnu), and destruction (Shiva) are all given equal weight in the balance of the universe.  Without destruction, there is no place for new creation.  Each aspect of this triad is an essential part of the elemental unity of being.

I think that a repeal of the health care act, if it only were to open the path to a single payor system that actually provided health care for most, would be a good human level demonstration of the need for destruction to allow for creative flowering.  Alas, I don’t think that is what the would-be destroyers have in mind.

I remember at these times that I am not in charge, and I cannot see the biggest of the big pictures, but somehow, that is not always of much comfort.


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