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Hanuman Was Around

There were lots of images of Hanuman around where we were in the hills. I come home after this long break–far enough away and for a long enough time to be able to gain perspective–and think, given that I have dedicated most of my career to public service, about how the myth of Hanuman may inform my ongoing contemplation at this time in my life and in this socio-political climate of how I can best contribute and participate.

Hanuman is the faithful servant; I think that one aspect of his story is that in being true to Rama, he is being true to dharma, to law and culture. In loving and protecting Sita, he is recognizing nature. Only when he is acting in service to them and others can he access his true powers (siddhis).

Inside the Durga store, Nainital, India, October 2017


Signs Around Town (and the Yoga Siddhi of Bi-Location)

The “shelter in place” signs in my building demarcate suites where designated groups of employees are supposed to gather in the event of a threat to human safety where it would be safer to hunker down in the building than to go out.

While I was sitting through a seemingly interminable, pointless, but only somewhat acrimonious meeting this morning, I was thinking how important it is to have a space within our own consciousness where it feels safe and peaceful even when we are in a situation where staying physically put is the most realistic alternative. This got me thinking about one of the powers (siddhis) that allegedly may arise from a steady, devoted, and long-term practice. That power is the ability to bi-locate–the power to be in two or more places at once.

I’ve long practiced with part of my goal being to cultivate the space of meditation as a way of making bearable the unavoidably painful, such as when confined to bed because of severe illness. In such a situation, though my experience is thankfully limited, going into meditation is a going to another space of consciousness, but does not require staying mentally engaged and present.

When in an unpleasant meeting or stuck in traffic or similar situations, the problem is that one needs to stay mentally and physically alert and present and cannot just go off into bliss.

Then, I think the power of bi-locating is what would serve best. It would enable being simultaneously present and functioning while also being in the blissful and peaceful state of meditation. The space we go to in meditation would indeed then be a “shelter in place.”

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Signs Around Town (Seasonal)

As I was noticing the decorations going up around the neighborhood about witches, ghosts, vampires, and ghouls, I found myself reflecting that as in the cultures that brought us Halloween, Indian folk tales are replete with stories of yogis who are practitioners of black magic. Even Patanjali, in his Yoga Sutras, warns that the practices (sadhana) must be for the purpose of uniting with spirit and not for attachment to the idea of developing supernatural powers.

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