Working with Chaos

I’ve had more than one yoga/meditation teacher who has suggested that in order to make true spiritual shifts, it is necessary to pick one path (theirs) and stick to it.  I agree with that up to a point.  If we just stay on the surface of lots of different things, it will be hard to go deep.

Nonetheless, living in a multicultural nation of immigrants and working in a field where being open to diversity is in my mind a job requirement and having grown up with the multifarious influences of New York and both Jewish culture and Quaker practice, it would be hard to think that sticking to a single-sourced spiritual path could be possible for me.  Better then, perhaps, to go deep by also looking broadly and openly.

In that regard, though I do not consider myself a Buddhist, I often find Buddhist teachings instructive.   This article by Pema Chodron on working with chaos seems particularly useful for me today.


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  1. Margann Green

    I enjoyed your comments, and also Pema Chodron’s article. I think when we are young, many of us seek out the expert. I know I always did. But there comes a time when you realize you don’t need the experts very often any more. You are older than they are, you have had more experience than they have, and it’s time to simply look within to find the answers.

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