Inauguration Weekend Walkabout (Tribute to 1,000 Artists)

Today, there were to be 1,000 artists at the inauguration.  I saw a few of them on this weekend’s walkabout, and studied for a morning with a dancer and movement artist who was participating (David Lakein; contact improvisation workshop at Dance Exchange).  The class was thought-provoking and suitable for the weekend honoring the inauguration.  On the morning of the inauguration, we, after not having made any attempt to get tickets of whatever sort, ended up being invited in to the Koshland Science Museum for free hot chocolate and a comfortable place to view it on a big screen.  Not quite the power of being huddled against the cold with hundreds of thousands of other people on the Mall, but still, not too shabby for a completely impromptu way to share the event with others.


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