Probably a Cooper’s Hawk

“Wow!” exclaimed the well-dressed woman who was walking towards the Senate office buildings as I was walking in the opposite direction to the DOL through the park on the North side of the Capitol. We had both paused absolutely still to appreciate the drama of the moment.

A raptor flew in and landed on one of the high tree branches. There were a few warning chirps and calls and then everything froze into stillness and silence. After a few minutes the bird flew off, and gradually the squirrels, sparrows, starlings, etc resumed their usual morning activities.

“Did you notice how every thing became still?” I replied.

“Yes,” said my companion in the moment of appreciation and observation. “It hardly seemed real.”

We then moved on to go about our business, becoming conscious again of the noise of the city as the small animals and birds went back to their usual activities.

I looked it up when I got to work. It was most likely an immature Cooper’s hawk.

I did not even think to photograph the moment lest I disturb it. These are the trees after the fact.

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