Fine Weather for Walking

The past several days in DC have been perfect for walking.  The mornings, for me, require a winter coat and gloves and a hat or scarf.  At the warmest part of the day, the air is refreshingly cool, and I can shed some layers.  In spring and fall, there is little I want to do more than take long walks.  And so I take to the sidewalks even more than the usual walk to work, to the Farmers’ market, to the metro, to visit with friends, to teach, to go to the nursery or the grocery store, to go to the bank and post office, to go get a massage.  I make no effort to be efficient and consolidate errands; every errand is an excuse to take a walk.  I add a block or seven onto an errand walk.  I walk and think and then my attention is seized by the beauty of the color and the light.  I have to pause and drink it in.


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