My First Five Thoughts (Compound) Before Getting Out of Bed This Morning

1. Still dark, too early to get up; oh right, daylight savings time.
2. Wait; wake up call is Sri Rudrum; here’s the part I’ve learned by heart to help invoke auspiciousness, wisdom, compassion, light, interconnectedness, steadiness, fierce will, etc; good reminder; don’t sleep through it.
3. Nuclear reactors in Japan; wars in Iraq and Afghanistan; Libya; aftermath of BP oil spill, Katrina, and 9-11; budget talks prioritize war and business as usual; no senators or Congress person for DC; mountaintop coal mining; tar sands; diabetes/obesity epidemic.
4. Time to nurture cats and plants and sit for meditation; I am indeed blessed.
5. How do I bring “2” and “4” to my response to “3”?

Peace and light, E — Posted with WordPress for BlackBerry.


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