Day of the Dead Celebration

For the past few years, my friend X has hosted a Day of the Dead celebration.  This year, it had not been in his plans.  Enough of asked, though, that he is hosting a small dinner.  The Halloween of candy and costumes has not had a big draw for me; it was never made much of in my childhood.  Taking the time, though, to sense the thinning between the worlds and to take time to honor my ancestors is of great meaning.  Having been privileged to be invited into the festivities of the Day of the Dead has enhanced my consciousness of this time of year.

Today, when I practiced, I first reflected on those friends and family who have left their physical bodies in the past year–some quite significant to me.  Thinking of those friends and family led me to think of others long gone in body, but not in spirit, and others who are still living, but with whom the connection remains only in memory.  To all, I offered honor and recognition of their part in my being.  Of all, like the taste of the sugared skulls that are part of the Day of the Dead, I am consciously thinking some, among whatever memories may arise unbidden, of what was sweet.


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