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Some of the yoga traditions that include a guru lineage believe that a guru can transmit grace (whatever that might mean) through their presence or touch. Back in the days when I was doing my first yoga teacher training, a fellow student asked me whether I had ever received shaktipat? My answer was yes–when I’d had the opportunity to shake hands with William Brennan. He’s not a guru, my fellow student objected.  But he is a being of extraordinary grace, power, and intelligence who has devoted himself to the service of our collective well-being and my being in his presence inspires me to show my best light; isn’t that what’s supposed to happen with shaktipat? I don’t think she was ever fully persuaded by my unorthodox reading, but I had no need to persuade.

I found myself thinking about that discussion today, having gotten to shake John Lewis’s hand when he walked through the crowd to speak at day 2 of the people’s filibuster for health care. In the presence of his inspiration, I am compelled to figure out what more can I be doing.


On the Way to William Penn House for Tuesday Night Yoga Practice (with a Detour to Stand with the People’s Filibuster)

The filibuster and related activities, including an interfaith vigil on Wednesday the 28th, continues until Thursday. Details on various Facebook Pages–ACLU, NARAL, Planned Parenthood, Move On, and others. 

Mostly I will be working during the scheduled times, but I will head over outside of my work day again. Senator Chris Murphy was on his way to dinner with friends from Connecticut who had spent the day doing citizen lobbying–telling their story about why keeping and improving on the ACA was important to them. Senator Murphy said that he’d heard people were outside and felt he needled to at least stop by and connect. He said this is just the beginning, don’t let them tinker and declare a victory if they only deprive 5 or 10 million people from getting insurance; he said keep it up; he’d like to see millions of people coming to D.C. and making their voices heard.  I was starting to get caught up in listening and then realized it was time to be at William Penn House.


Letter from Move-On About Iraq

On the remote chance that you (dear reader) did not already receive it directly below is a letter from Move-On about President Obama’s statement that all troops will be withdrawn from Iraq by year’s end.  My post on FB was as follows:

“I wish my reaction wasn’t ‘I’ll believe it when I see it,’ immediately followed by, ‘and what about Afghanistan?”  Still, it is hopeful news.”

Dear MoveOn member,

Today, President Obama formally announced the end of the war in Iraq, as the remaining 48,000 American troops in Iraq will be brought home by year’s end.1

After almost nine years, the loss of more than 4,400 American troops and countless Iraqi civilian lives, and a cost of $800 billion that was badly needed at home, a war that should have never begun is finally coming to an end.2 It’s bittersweet relief from an ongoing tragedy—and for MoveOn members who lost loved ones, a very personal tragedy.

While it’s long overdue, it’s important to remember that even up until today, conservatives and military advisers have been pressing to keep tens of thousands of troops in Iraq indefinitely.3

So there is no doubt that we would not be here without the dedicated work of millions of Americans nationwide who struggled tirelessly to bring this war to an end and our troops home. From small vigils to massive marches, from phone calls to our leaders to letters to the media, you and many others helped make this day possible.

Yet, it’s also true that the struggle to bring our troops home continues, as long as tens of thousands of troops remain in Afghanistan. The future of Iraq will now be left to the Iraqi people, and it’s long past time to leave the future of Afghanistan to its people as well.

And though the war is ending, tens of thousands of troops will continue to struggle with the physical and psychological wounds from their service in Iraq. We encourage you to visit the Wounded Warrior Project to learn more and to donate to support those who served: http://www.woundedwarriorproject.org.

We can’t rest until all troops are safely out of harm’s way—and our veterans and families are given the support and care they deserve.

Thanks for all you did to fight for this day and for all you do to fight for a safer, more peaceful world.

–Justin, Carrie, Elena, Sarah, and the rest of the team
P.S. You can see photos from years of MoveOn member work to prevent and end the war here: http://www.moveon.org/r?r=90208&id=32202-1983776-lxe54Jx&t=2


1. “Obama announces full withdrawal from Iraq,” USA Today, October 21, 2011

2. “After Nearly Nine Years of War and Occupation, America to Withdraw All Troops from Iraq,” The Nation, October 19, 2011

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“Conservatives launch pre-emptive strike against Obama’s Iraq plan,” Foreign Policy, September 15, 2011

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