State of the Garden — Close Up (and Anticipation)

To deny or ignore the future is not the same as living in the present.  To live perfectly in the present as a responsible and engaged part of the collective being, one must still plan for the future that will become a present.  It is the perilous attachment to a particular outcome that can make bitter the present, not the engaged expectation of the future that is an inevitable part of living in the present.

As I worked in the garden this morning, I thought how much presence I find in the enjoyable anticipation of what will ripen in the future.  And while anticipating cucumbers and tomatoes (and taking note of the damage caused by the birds), I set myself to enjoying fully the greens and herbs–the current abundance.

Blueberries, purple Cherokee tomato, grape tomato, echinacea, burpless cucumber, Italian eggplant, red Concord grapes,  snow pea, green bean (Kentucky wonder)–June 10


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