New Toy (and Samskaras)

The guy in the Apple store in Georgetown who showed me why I really wanted to walk out of the store with the IPad 2 had never heard the song “New Toy.”  The year it came out, I was in London studying and being tragically hip; he was a year old give or take a few months.   I suggested he find it on ITunes.

Three days of Ipad 2 ownership later, “New Toy” kept running through my head.   Oh my god, and then I started hearing Nina Hagen infiltrating from the past.  Was I really in New York when this song came out and kind of out of my mind?  Yes I was.  Does anything we experience ever completely fade away?  Probably not, which is why the great yoga masters advise us to be careful what we bring into our consciousness, lest we establish new samskaras that draw us away from the light.



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