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Dear Friends,

Much of the conversation for the past few days has been about the weather.  Some people have talked about how much they hate the heat and how excited they are about the coming of cool weather.  Others are lamenting the passing of summer.  When it was this temperature six months ago, the same conversations arose, but mostly in reverse.  Right now, of course, it is perfectly and delightfully temperate.  Neither heating nor air conditioning is needed to have a healthy indoor environment, but because it is our nature to compare, it feels cold, just as the same temperature had us throwing open the windows and dancing for the joy of it being warm last spring.

For me, the dialogue about the weather and the observation of my own reactions to the change of season is a perfect invitation to look at how perspective influences perception. One of the benefits of a steady and ever more refined practice is that it helps us feel a sense of awe and openess in the face of whatever comes and not be swayed by our history and personal inclination, allowing us to celebrate life more deeply and spectacularly.

Upcoming opportunities to cultivate a sense of wonder (this Fall’s theme):

The fall Willow Street session is underway.  There is still time to register and drop-ins are always welcome.  Join me Saturdays in Takoma Park for Flow at 8:45am and Gentle/Therapeutics at noon.

William Penn House classes continue on Tuesday nights at 6:30pm with a wonderful and dedicated group of friends and neighbors.  All levels welcome.

More experienced yogis will have a great opportunity to expand their practice at:

Hanumanasana:  Nemesis No More, Saturday, October 16, 2010, 2:30pm-5:00pm, Willow Street Yoga Center, Takoma Park.  $35. Are there poses which make you cringe or yearn to have a break from class? One of the great fruits of yoga is “thinning the kleshas,” learning to feel aversions less powerfully and to better experience our intrinsically joyous light no matter what the world presents us. Enjoy an afternoon of exploring and delighting in a full-spectrum of standing poses, arm balances, and hip openers that might lead you to – dare we say it – a greater appreciation, if not downright enjoyment, of hanumanasana and will definitely bring you a delighted gratitude for vipariti karani (legs up the wall). For students Level I/II and up.  To register on-line, please visit www.willowstreetyoga.com or just drop in on the day of the workshop.

Will you be in town for Thanksgiving?  Want to share the love and gratitude?  It’s the:

Eighth Annual Thanksgiving Day All-Levels Yoga Fundraiser for Oxfam. Thursday, November 25, 2010, 10-11:30am.  $25. On Thanksgiving Day, join me at Willow Street Yoga Center, Takoma Park, for an all-levels fundraising class to benefit Oxfam.  Stretch your body and embrace your own generous spirit as we give thanks for our families, friends, and bounty.  Friends, family, and out-of-town guests of all levels of yoga experience, including first-timers, are welcome. To register on-line, please visit www.willowstreetyoga.com or just drop in on the day of the workshop.

I’ve been getting lots of positive feedback about the updated subscription feature for the blog.  Give it a try, by clicking here and entering your information,  if you haven’t already and make it even easier to join the discussion.

Look forward to seeing you soon.

Peace and light,



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