This Saturday–Summertime Yoga Extravaganza (website version of emailing)

Dear Friends,

I’ve just returned from a wonderful meditation retreat with Paul Muller-Ortega out in Sedona.  Every time I go on retreat, I am reminded of how essential it is to take time out from my busy life to rest deeply so that the inner light can be sweetly revealed.   (If you want to see pictures from the week, check out my blog entry “Outrageous Light”).

When I got home last night after the hectric travel home day and before returning to work this morning, I took time out for restoratives, so that I could bring back into my home and self the sense of renewal that I had before the travel.  Sometimes, there is nothing like a good session of restoratives to bring back a sense of balance and harmony with life.

Needing a retreat yourself?  Please come join me this Saturday afternoon, July 31st at Willow Street Yoga in Takoma Park for a mini-retreat from the summer heat with a “Summer Restorative Extravaganza.”  For more information or to register in advance, please visit:

Looking forward to seeing many of you.
Peace and light,



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