Free Class Week is NEXT Week (and a reminder to slow down)

I woke up early this morning, all ready to go up to Takoma Park and teach free classes.  I am fully prepared — I’ve been enjoying contemplating one of my favorite first class themes,  practicing great ways to enjoy our bodies (when we’ve been on vacation), thinking of what I would get at the Co-op during the break, looking forward to chatting with the work studies, who I love.

Good thing I checked my email this morning before leaving the house and subscribe to a lot of list serves.  Mid-Atlantic Yoga had an announcement from Willow Street that free class week is September 14-21.  Feeling a little anxious about my mix-up I checked the Willow Street web site.  Under today’s classes it says there are no regular classes today.

I could get all grumpy with myself.  I made a mistake.  I missed an opportunity to go out of town for the weekend (though I have a big speech on Monday, and it would behoove me to be well-rested).  But I am happy to be here; I already have planned a massage, a Sunday brunch, and a potluck dinner.  Now I also can spend a luxurious morning in the garden and have time to get seriously fun into baking for the potluck.

I also have a no harm done reminder that maybe I need to slow down a little.  These kinds of slip ups, which are very rare for me, are definitely a sign of being over-scheduled.


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