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This morning, on my last full day of vacation, on my way to leave my bags in the office of the bed and breakfast where I was staying before I walked about in Santa Fe for the day, I walked back through the breakfast room, where I had eaten an hour before.

To my happy surprise, good friends from home (a former co-worker and his wife, whom I’d just been thinking about because I knew how much they like New Mexico) were there finishing their meal.

We spent much of the day together, until I had to leave to catch the train to Albuquerque to be ready for tomorrow’s early morning flight back home.

It felt a perfect completion of a trip made to study yoga and be in community for the week.


Karma, Dharma, and Interconnectedness

Near the beginning of my last morning beach walk (I’m now in Houston waiting for my connecting flight home), I met this water snake washed up on the beach. It was still pretty active, so I made an effort to get it back into the water.

It swam into the water, and I hoped I’d saved it. On my return, it had been wave-tossed back above the water line and was looking far more feeble. I tried again, but this time it was just thrown again on the beach and no longer moving.

It made me think about how connected are all of our destinies and how sometimes we can change things and sometimes we cannot.