Standing Vigil

My walk in the neighborhood led me to Eastern Market this morning although I was not looking for anything in particular. A small group of people were standing at the four corners of 7th and C Streets Southeast, standing vigil for the children in Gaza and asking for ceasefire.

I asked if I might join them and they offered me a sign. The demonstrator next to whom I was standing was most curious about what led me to be supportive of Palestine and we mostly talked about Quakers and Quaker emphasis on peaceful and fair solutions.

How could I not, in this small way, not add my voice and add my physical presence when I imagine how much more brave to be speaking out and how much more painful for those with friends and family and familiar places under siege.


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  1. Nadia

    Thank you for standing by me and for your support. I felt most honored to meet a fellow caring human and learn more about your story and your path!
    Amazing how each journey is so full of adventure, trauma, and love.

    Warmest Regards

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