Do You Have A Way to Care for Yourself Come What May?

Life will be more rather than less challenging for most for the long haul. Engagement is not optional.

Do you have a ritual or routine that you can rely on to provide a personal pause for gratitude/beauty/center/calm—whichever serves best?

It might include aspects of yoga practice or it might be something else. I had a friend who, at the end of every work day, lay down on the sofa and listened to classical music to restore themself. Perhaps you dance or sing or walk or nap.

I’m spending much time in the garden, including volunteering at bigger ones, and am most at peace these days when fully engaged with the plants.

But the most reliable source of grounding and sweetness for me, whatever might be going on, is meditation. Perhaps that is because I can do it no matter my health or location; it is free, portable, and simple, whether meditating on the breath or with a mantra.


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