Invitation to the Gift of Yoga Practice

As I consider both what I want to change and what I am grateful for while we go through this time of imagination and possibility and grief and rage and creativity and patience and restraint and fierce need for engaged action, I realized that making offering is one of the holiday things I am still able to do that brings joy for the holiday season.

In that light, I invite you and others who might welcome starting a practice, strengthening their practice, and regardless, having an opportunity together consciously to support ourselves in body and mind, as well as spirit.

In that light, please join me and Suzanne Lynch for an all levels, all perspectives, all ages, light-hearted yoga and meditation practices on:

  • December 25 (X-mas Eve) from 4pm-5:30pm
  • December 31 (New Year’s Eve) from 4pm-5:30pm

To register, please visit:

Many thanks to Suzanne for gifting the extra administrative work to open her membership platform for these holiday practices.  BTW, it is super helpful to register early to make sure we can get all the Zoom link for the practice with a minimum of extra admin.

If you are moved to make a donation, please consider a local or national food bank.


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