Last Year’s Kale

To make room to plant seeds and seedlings of the cool weather greens, today I pulled most of the kale that overwintered.  I’m not quite sure how it survived even the visitation of the polar vortices, but my garden is its own private mystery.

Uma’s not sure whether the kale is any good, but it is actually neither too bitter, nor too tough to be edible, though it will need to be picked over well and would be best cooked thoroughly.

To go with the kale, keeping in mind the next wintry front coming through, I am soaking chickpeas overnight.  Tomorrow I will braise the kale with wine, garlic, rosemary, and onions, and then stew it together with the chickpeas.  The combination of braising and stewing will make tenderize the kale, but still keep it  flavorful.

With what I planted new today, the next time it is feeling spring-like, there should be some tender new greens to pick and taste.

kale 1a kale 1b kale 1c



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