Latest on Solar Energy in DC (Lightening Your Carbon Footprint is a Great Way to Take Your Yoga Off the Mat)

For those of you in DC without your own roof, I just received this email (live in another jurisdiction–maybe you can get your state or county to sponsor similar legislation):

Dear ,

DC Solar United Neighborhoods (DC SUN) has been working hard to make solar affordable and accesible to every resident of DC.  I’m excited to report that CMs Cheh and Alexander introduced the Community Renewables Act of 2012 on Tuesday.  A summary and the full text of the bill is available online at

If you live in an apartment building, a Condo, a Coop, if you rent or live in a shady area this bill is for you! It will let you own part of a commuity solar array somewhere else in DC and then let you “virtually net meter” the production from that array right to your electric bill.  You will be able to buy solar and see your Pepco bill DROP! You will also be able to support local green jobs and help fight climate change! The bill also has really important provisions to support solar in low income households.   For more info, a fact sheet and everything you want to know about the bill go to DC SUN website:

We are so excited by this news! If you see Council members Cheh or Alexander say “thanks for taking leadership on Community Solar.”   Stay tuned for updates.

PS: Check out this great radio story on the Community Solar bill–


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