Health Care Crisis in Progress

At “Taste of DC” here come (not in any particular order):

1.  Respiratory diseases from air pollution resulting from cooking methods, factory farmed meat, manufacture of packaging, and food transportation.

2.  Antibiotic resistance from factory farmed meat.

3.  Diabetes from refined sugar and carbohydrates.

4.  Cancer from food additives, food cooking methods, manufacture of plastic food packaging, and air pollution.

5.  Heart disease from fatty and high cholesterol foods.

5.  Foot, ankle, knee, and back problems from ill-fitting high heels with a narrow toe box.

6.  Tooth decay from refined sugars and carbohydrates and later gum disease and heart conditions from poor dental hygiene.

6.  Waterborne diseases from air and water pollution secondary to food manufacturing and packaging and attendant waste and unnecessary medication, surgeries, and other medical treatments for illnesses resulting from food and clothing choices.

And don’t forget lost productivity for sick time.  I do not think anyone needs to be rigidly any kind of diet all the time (not raw, not Ayurvedic, not vegetarian, not vegan, not local, not slow), but wouldn’t it be nicer to eat well most of the time (and if you have even the most modest of kitchens, healthy meals are in fact cheaper than packaged junk food–assuming one knows how to cook, which I know is a big assumption), wear comfortable clothing, and have more time, strength and money  for creative and loving pursuits?





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