“Good Night Irene Good Night”

When a hurricane that is predicted to be perhaps the worst in 50 years for the East Coast shares the same name as one’s mother, news of the impending destruction is bound to bring up childhood memories.

I grew up with the song “Good Night Irene” as part of my childhood mythology.  My parents met in Greenwich Village in the late 50s, which was a time when folk music was the thing.  We all love songs about someone with our own name, so “Goodnight Irene” was one our mother taught us.  If memory serves, we had recordings in the house by Leadbelly and the Weavers to which my older sister and I danced around the living room.

A search in You Tube reveals that it has been a popular song to cover for decades.  Which is your favorite?


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  1. Jane Jackson

    Willie Nelson.

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