Guacapacho — or is it Gazpamole?

Puree in a blender or food processor:

peeled cucumber (seeded if necessary; use peels to garnish drinks if peels aren’t bitter)

tomatoes of any mix of colors:

assorted garden herbs and greens (based on taste and availability);

a sweet pepper of any color or variety (and a jalapeno or other hot pepper to taste)

a little minced sweet onion, white of scallion and a hint of garlic if desired (even if you are a garlic junky be gentle with the garlic lest it overwhelm the subtlety of the other flavors)


chilled vegetable stock or water

a little fresh lime or lemon juice (the acid in the juice helps keep the avocado from discoloring when the soup is chilling; a splash of white wine would also serve)


Chill the soup for 1-2 hours; do not let sit longer; garnish with chopped herbs–chive flowers are nice



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