“There Are More Things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio…” (and DCLAW)

Last night, at the invitation of my massage therapist, I attended the third DC Ladies Arm Wrestling tournament at the American Legion Hall on Capitol Hill.  For those of you who know me–or suspect from reading my blog that you know me to some degree–going to the American Legion Hall for an evening of betting on arm-wrestling might seem just a teensy-weensy bit out of character, perhaps even something beyond anything I could have “dreamt of in my philosophy.”  Not so into wrestling or costumes or betting or bad beer or anything loud.  I am, though, completely into norm-bending, outrageous manifestations of spirit, of which this certainly and rollickingly is one.



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  1. patrick McClintock

    Glad you liked it! I too had a blast, and we raised $4,000 for a family support charity called Fisher House. I think the competitors would like your photos. I also enjoy your Rose Garden blog.

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